The decentralized blockchain protocol for all your defi needs

Access Dapps with the best user experience at low fees….


Auto invest in cryptocurrencies.


Stake liquidity pair tokens from any pool.


Earn tokens by joining liquidity pools


Auto invest in cryptocurrencies.


Stake liquidity pair tokens from any pool.


Earn tokens by joining liquidity pools


Create events for reward earning.

Earn Rewards

Join created events to earn tokens


Invest in new projects


new innovation to fundraising.

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Built across Multiple blockchains

Built on Ethereum, Binance SmartChain, Polygon & Oasis; RigelProtocol Platform gives you the freedom to experience interoperability, security and performance like never before.

Extra layer of security

With our Certik rating of 92+, you can be assured that your funds are safe when you transact with us


Low transaction fees

Offering you the fastest transaction times for the lowest transaction fees on the market


Speed of light

Being one of the fastest dApps overall, you are sure to complete your transactions within a few seconds.

Products to build your finances

Swap, deposit liquidity, and farm your tokens directly from our apps. You also trade your tokens and gift them in fun ways.


The Swap

Swap between multiple tokens with ease… Provide liquidity and earn 0.3% interest on every swap done on our Dapp….

Launch Swap


Set Price

Use our Set price feature to minimize losses during bearish periods… Take advantage of the markets during bullish periods…. Set automated parameters to initiate swaps once conditions are met.

Launch Set Price

set price

Auto period

Auto invests in any crypto of your choice, Dapp buys a certain crypto with a predefined amount every day, week or month…
Easily execute market making with our auto period feature on any Defi Token pair….

Launch Auto Period

auto period

Farms / Liquidity Mining

Stake Liquidity Pair Tokens from any liquidity pools and earn as high as 214% return on any added liquidity…

Launch Farms



New Defi Projects

Boost the reputation of your project whilst building social presence….Attract and engage new users to your project....Save logistics and token distribution costs on any crypto reward campaign….


As an Influencer grow your fan base

Launch reward campaigns for your fans in a transparent and fun way, thus creating an engaging experience... Your fans get their reward tokens instantly enticing them to invite more friends, thus boosting your fan network at a very high pace….


Earn Crypto

Support new projects and Influencers by engaging with them…. As a supporting user you receive your token rewards instantly in a transparent way,get what you deserve….

earn crypto


Product Tokens for Reputable Projects

  • Raise funds to build and scale new features(products) even if your project already launched a previous crypto asset.…
  • Stay ahead of the competition and attract more users for project traction….
  • Invest in product tokens as your investments are not affected by marketing & team inflation….
  • Enjoy at least 20% lifetime Profits Sharing on any fees collected on products backed by the product tokens you invested in….

Fundraising for new Defi, Gamefi & Metaverse projects

  • Attract new investors and Quality Investors for your project….
  • Access marketing strategies that work and our pool of influencers,partners & Connections….
  • Investors have early access to the best projects in Defi, Gamefi and the Metaverse ecosystem….
  • Investors will receive standard monthly reports from the projects which they invest in….
  • All investors will enjoy farm Lps rewards of up to 951% APY on any New Launchpad token after fundraising….


Take a look at our journey so far and the exciting new steps we’re taking for the future.

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