06 October, 2021

The Defi GiftDapp, simple, transparent and secure

The Defi GiftDapp, simple, transparent and secure ----- Influencers 👑get ready to reward your fans. Projects 🌆 get ready to reward your users. Coming live October 11th....

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06 October, 2021

💥Join the Rigel Protocol - Axie Infinity "Squid Game" Meme Contest!!

  • ✅Best Meme gets 300 RGP & 1 AXS!
  • ✅2nd - 150 RGP & 0.5 AXS
  • ✅3rd - 100 RGP & 0.25 AXS
  • 😎Wait for the green light🟢

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August 09, 2021

Rigel Protocol Gift DApp Testnet Live Now!

💥The Gift DApp Testnet is Live Now!

  • 🤩Get up to 500 $RGP participating on the Gift DApp #Testnet Bounty Program!
  • ✅Check our Medium post for details
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August 02, 2021

Special $RGP Staking Pool

💥Our Special $RGP Staking Pool is Live Now! Huge APY!

  • 😎Only Whitelisted addresses apply 👉
  • ✅To see if your wallet is on the Whitelist, please check this form
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08 September, 2021

Rigel Protocol & BitForex Trading Competition

  • 💥Join Rigel Protocol & bitforexcom Trading Competition!!
  • 💵Rewards for the 20 top traders!
  • 💰30,000 $RGP Prize Pool!

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02 September, 2021

🤝Join the Rigel Protocol Ambassador Program!!

✅Selected project Ambassadors will get 100 to 500 $RGP per week depending on their skills & amount of work performed Full info here👉

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August 16, 2021

Rigel Protocol First Token Burning Event!

💥After 6 months from the Rigel Protocol platform native token launch, we are having our first Token Burn of 110,484 RGP on the Binance Smart Chain and 10,163 RGP on the Ethereum Chain...

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August 26, 2021

$RGP Listing at BitForex Crypto Exchange!

💥Great news for the Rigel Protocol community! RGP will be listed at the BitForex Cryptocurrency Exchange in just a few days, on August 31, 2021.

This will be the first CEX for the Rigel Protocol token and another option for traders to buy/sell RGP...

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July 25, 2021

GiftDapp Giveaway

💥New DApp launching soon! Join our GiftDapp Giveaway & get a share of 2500 $RGP!! To qualify:

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